Terms of Service

Loving wash and fold service San Diego Laundromat strives to provide its clients with the highest level of service possible.
As a condition to using any of Loving wash and fold service, and for the mutual benefits of both Loving wash and fold and the customers, the undersigned customer a agrees to following terms and conditions.

Garment Care, Missing or Damaged Goods

  • Loving wash and fold will use reasonable efforts to try to ensure that washing, drying and folding services are maintained at high level of quality.

  • Loving wash and fold accept all garments on the basic weight and does not perform a piece by piece count.

  • Loving wash and fold accepts no liability for damage due to normal wear or tear and shrinkage during washing and drying, or special care and delicates items that require special attention to be cleaned.

  • Loving wash and fold does not guarantee removal of all stains.

  • Loving wash and fold is not responsible for loss of damage to any personal or non cleanable items left in the clothing or bags such as money, jewelry, or anything else.

  • Any claims of missing clothing must be made with 48 hours form the day you pick up your laundry.